Two of the long-term strengths of NACHİ Robot are the ability to produce technology and innovations. These great values of NACHİ Robot create the center of our customer relationships NACHİ Robot is a leading company in the world with its products, systems and solutions in power and automation technologies. Technology plays a key role in NACHİ Robotics. The aim of NACHİ is to continuously develop innovative technologies and to enhance the environmentally responsive performance and raising the competitiveness of customers by empowering existing technologies.

What Does it mean by “Sustainability”?

The concept of sustainability for NACHİ Robot is able to successfully balance environmental factors and social progress in favor of all stakeholders with economic success. The concept of sustainability includes how we design and manufacture products, what we deliver to our customers, how we relate to our suppliers, how we assess risks and opportunities, how we live, and our obligations to each other. Occupational Health and Safety is an integral part of this.