Why Should I Buy an Industrial Robot ?

Very Easy:

  • Industial robotic arms do not eat,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not want for permission,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not get tired,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not have children ,
  • Industrial robotic arms is not get upset,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not want raise for salary,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not fight with each other,
  • Industrial robotic arms do not forget or make a fault,
  • Industrial robotic arms work with same standard and same speed so that you can make a certain production plan.

All of the robot investors may have this question in their minds. Investment cost of robotics systems may seem very expensive in the first place but when we consider the short and long term advantages of the system, we could easily analyze that in one or one and half year the robotic systems will pay back its investment cost. We could write down the advantages of robotic system as below:

1- Efficiency Raise
Production with minimum waste, maximum quality in short time is not a dream with industrial robots. In very short time, the robot investors will make production with high profit by the advantages of robotic systems so that the investor will get his Money back in very short time.

2- Improvement of Production Quality
Industrial robots will raise the production quality because you will get standard product when you use robot for your line. Therefore, the production process will be standard. With the help of standard product output, the robot investors will gain new customers and make profit.

3- Continuity of Production
Best advantage of the industrial robots is they can work in hard conditions without any breakdown. Robots do not want for permission, do not eat, do not go for toilet, and do not get upset vb. The robot investor can offer exact length of term to its customer because the robots always work with same speed and performance. In this way, the customers will trust the robot investors and this condition let the robot investors to make profit.

4- Increasing Reliability in Production
You will be relaxed for your production after you have robotic systems. After you have a robotic production line, you will be sure that you have high qualified Standard product in specific time. There is nowhere for fault in robotic systems. The investor has delivered the production to reliable hands!

5- Labor Health and Job Security
Industrial robots can work in unhealthy conditions that can affect the human health. The robot investors prevent the employment-industrial accident by using robot that is work in minimum risk and maximum profit principle. The investor has ensured his future by minimizing the risk on production.

6- Ability to make Constant Cost and Direct Cost Analysis
The companies that started to use industrial robots make everything in a standard. For example, robot will always consume the same energy every day. In this way, the robot investors can easily calculate the costs. Now, the investors know the cost of one product, so that the investor could easily calculate the sales price of the product. By this way, the robot investors make more profit.

7- You will be strong in marketing
If you made investment for industrial robots, you know that you have made the most effective advertising. From now on, in the eyes of your customers, you are a company that closely follows the latest technology, is trying to make its best for quality and standard production and investing to reduce costs. Your business will incredible raise.

8- Company Development with the help of Automation
After the first robotic investment, you will realize the advantages of the robotic systems and you will be willing to make new investments. After you see the ability of robotic systems, you will want to turn all of your process into robotic systems.

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